What Is A Solo Ad? – Solo Ads 101

You hey guys dan colder here with Dan colder calmed and called it up is. If you want to look at me out, go to Dan Calder map is there’s a lot more information anyway. This is add. This is going to be a quick one as quick as if you see my videos I’ll do the best. I can make to make it quick, but this is basically what is a solo ad?

Okay, we call this solo at 101. This is just going to be a quick again, I’m not going to quit, but it’s going to be just a an overview of what a solo ad is. Ok, I know that when I got involved – or at least when I first came to mod and soliz you – I was involved her lap or even heard what a solo I was. Ok yeah. It can be confusing because, first of all, what is the light is what a sola is its first of all.

So that is an ad you know, literally speaking, technically speaking, I guess because you’re paying money and your your advertising people, so that is the only way. That’S consider than that is because the solo add also, that is, is an email. Ok, just consider a solo ad and email. I mean: don’t consider that’s what it is. Ok, you know, how does this help you ok, solo ad is an email to other people’s lists.

Ok, essentially, what a solo ad is. Let me back up a step if to tell you what you know, what why you want to know about what it’s all about is: ok, now, if you’re getting involved or if you’ve been, if you’re just getting started. Ok, one of the best piece of advice I can give you is to find one marketing strategy. Ok, now, if you’re following me, you’re gon na be doing two because you’re always going to be blogging because you always want to be. I teach blogging because you wanted.

You always want to your efforts. Ok, with a blog with solo ad is a one-shot injection. A lot of advertising strategies are a one-shot injection you’re going to get leads, you’re not going to get leid you’re gon na get sales, your hacking sales. What your blogging is! I don’t mean you have tracks I’ll make it quick, but just you should always be blogging.

Ok, your marketing, because that is marketing blogging that, for chlamydia least finish my sentence, it’s going to always be there. Ok, the better! You get the more you. Do! Your nip!

Your fishing that gets bigger – that’s your long-term strategy to devote to drive, leads to whatever it is you’re doing I’m not even talking about whatever you’re doing. That’S your long-term strategy. Okay, your short-term strategy to build, especially if you’re starting to zero, because a lot of you guys are you’re starting at zero, which is but will the point I didn’t want to get away from? Is you want to pick one marketing strategy? Okay and if you’re going to pick one, you want to pick one and get good at okay, don’t just take a shot at a solo ad and then take a shot at a PPC campaign and then take a shot at a classified ad or don’t you got To perfect something before because if they all work, okay, but pointed I’m trying to ramble to get to is a solo ad, if you’re going to pick a strategy man, this is a kick-ass strategy.

Okay, this is a great way to take yourself from zero. You know to a thousand leads, i mean this number is infinite, but if you want to get from zero to the thousand leads quickly you’re going to spend a little money, admittedly, but any marketing. You are not blogging or not. That’S again why I teach blogging? That’S not you know, that’s free and it’s a long term, but you know sorry, I don’t we get away from that, but that to do this, I’m gon na explain to what it is.

Okay, now you’re here what 0 ads or even if you got a thousand leads or whatever your just swimmer, is you’re stuck. You want to get two more okay, we’re just going to use this for number. This could be 10,000 just as easily and will be. If you do this over and over again, okay, so what you got to do is you’re here, you’re 0, now, there’s thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of successful marketers out there. Okay, people that have been doing this for a living, their daily generating leads, may be ways you haven’t heard of yet you know this is what, if I’m a guarantee, but let’s just say, we’ve got a number of marketers you’re at all different levels of their marketing Career or wear whatever say this guy’s got.

I hope you can see this. I’M gon na do cazier. This guy’s got 5k. This guy’s got 10k. This guy’s got 20 cans.

20,000 leads what I’m saying in their subscriber list. Ok, these are subscribers to their lists, will say this guy’s got 50k, this guy’s got 100k and this guy’s got 500k okay, and it doesn’t matter because I mean this guy could send anyway. I don’t get too far that, but what you do is all you do. Is you’re sending your part you’re leveraging what these people have already done? Okay, you’re, just going from where you want you’re right where you’re at and you want to get to here and the more the quickest ways to do.

It is yes, spend a little money, but you’re just going to leverage this all you’re going to do is feed off these people’s lists. Okay, now there’s some specifics. Maybe I shouldn’t get into that now. Let me they just finished explaining this, so you have it. Okay say this guy will do, and this number isn’t all that off I mean there’s all sorts of different numbers and all sorts of different packages there just is and they’re different prices, just like anything else in life, okay, but sit.

This is a pretty decent number. This say this guy does what we’ll see it as a forty dollar ad forty dollar ad for 60 clicks? Maybe that’s probably not too, are insane forty dollar ad. You spend four dollar at now. If you’re involved with me, this is where you got ta.

Have some steps? Okay, first, you got your email. Ok, this is the email that you send to people or what happens if your new don’t be afraid of the solo ad, because you’re probably wonder what the hell by putting an email. Excuse me, what do I heck? Do I put it in email, some of these guys, a lot of them.

This is some of this stuff is all nuances. You can negotiator people get their different preferences as they leave it up to you, but but if you’re new start out, the reason don’t be as pretty soon as a lot of these guys will prefer or girls. So I don’t mean obviously guys these people will prefer to write the ad copy anyway, and the ad copy is just the body of the email. Okay, so don’t be afraid of it. If you never started some of these guys, all they want is your link.

They literally just want your money in your link. Okay, so, okay, that’s a pretty simple strategy. You just here’s my lengthy! You should already have a whatever company and again I don’t get too far ahead. But, ok, let me just go back here.

So an email is what the soul that is. Ok. I think I got a pretty good explanation of that now that email is going to somewhere to body that email is going to be a click. Ok now this is obviously where your money is because once they’ve opened the email and then clicked what you paid for. Ok now, this is another thing.

If you you’re going to get you clicks, if you pay forty bucks you’re going to get 60 clicks, so what they did once they click in that email, they’re going to come to a squeeze page or a lead capture. Page, that’s horrible! It’S you heard of a sweeties page or a lead capture page. You would provided if you’re in marketing already you were already providing one. If you’re provided with you know me, you’ve got ones that convert about thirty percent.

This is what I was trying to get at. Thirty or forty percent, meaning meaning that if they, if I sent out this email and they click on the link – and they go to my lead capture page or my squeeze page – I will get thirty to forty percent of them will opt in now. Two things happen when they opt-in, if you got to set up correctly, which is pretty simple and I’ll go into that in front of their emails, but this is just a broad overview of what a silhouette is. Ok, so one of two things will happen there. They will immediately go into my autoresponder go into my email list.

Now I’ve got this lead now. This lead is mine. Okay, thirty to forty percent of those 60 clicks. Okay, so you got. You know 18.

18. 26. 12.4. 18 to 24 of them.

I hope you guys can see this 18 to 24 of them. I will get on a lead exactly like that. I mean i’ve done so lads like that. That’S a small, a solo ad, but you know 18-24 leads. Where were yet, you know that’s not bad.

For some people – and i’m telling you especially if you’re involved with a situation like like mine, you get 18 24 leads a day. I mean you’re you’re good shape, but I don’t want you to find it okay, so you met the email again, maybe not even one. You wrote and if it’s compelling at all which of these guys, you know and you’re going to learn this stuff, don’t be afraid of it. You got ta you’re in. If I couldn’t be sure I’m going to put this, I don’t forget to tell you this about mistakes.

You can make on emails. Okay, you’re going to go too far, so we do. One of two things is going to happen. Both things are going to happen. Excuse me: I’ve got the email, I’ve got that lead and also, at the same time, that they got that that leave fed into my system and my autoresponder and, in my you know, Aweber account.

Essentially, they also saw a video. Now they went to the video my their information came to me. So I have it now, have their information and that’s just their email. You know you’re, not shocking people, you just have an email to send a email, but they also saw the video okay. They are going immediately to the video now at that point they can either choose to buy or choose to not or choose only watched half the video or a number of things can happen, but I pack a leap: okay, they’re.

You know they’re in my autoresponder list, where I’ve got all these preset emails. Okay, this person is now you got to look at the simplicity of this okay. I and I’m doing this on the bottom dollar numbers here. I spent forty bucks. Okay and I may not have even written the email – all I did was spend 40 bucks and send this guy a lake, this guy or gal a link at 40 bucks.

This is how simple this is now. I got thirty to forty percent conversion, but I, which means i got about 18 24 lanes – will just say: 21st simplicity. I got 20 leads. Those 20 leads not only saw the video and may or may not bought right then, but they’re also being marketed on autopilot. For emails that i already have sent into my autoresponder okay, so let’s look what i did.

I spent forty bucks and i was done and then these leads went into the system. That is not really assistant. You really have to do any work, for I mean some of this stuff. You have to set up ahead of time, and this is stuff that i’ll show you to on other videos, but you could have. But i hope you understand the simplicity of this okay and then maybe i’ll jump over here i’ll spend 50 bucks.

Sorry, this pin is so small i’ll, send 50 bucks and I’ll get. You know. Another 30 leads okay and then this this guy and some of these guys, you can spend big clicks this, like this 500,000 lead guy. Okay, he might he just he conceal, send a smaller package to you. Don’T have to go.

That’S what he’ll also send you a 60 quick package for 40 bucks or whatever there’s different prices, but you what you do. Is you just jump from jump now? I know what you’re spending some money here guys, but you, but if this is what you’re in business for its all return on investment now I know you know, should I get into all this. I know that I’m going to make my money back on this. I know that I get a minimum of four dollars elite.

This is just a lead. This is, this is County, leads that come into my system, get the first email and say heck. I don’t want anything to do with this, and I they find the unsubscribe at the bottom and the unsubscribe, I’m counting those leads, including the ones that go all in with me, okay, but in general – and I know people that are doing a lot better than this 11-12 $ 17 leave, but they, but my point is this – was worth it to me. Okay, I spent 40 bucks. I got 20 leads and I just told you that I get at least four bucks elite.

You know, on average at least okay. This look at least so, even if a bare bottom dollar I made 80 bucks on that Sullivan, I mean I’m sorry. I got 80 bucks. I spent 40, i’m a 40 bucks. Now 40 bucks isn’t going to excite you, but it’s also.

You know what work did you do this is this is this is about repetition i granted? These are small numbers, because i know, if you’re doing a solo, Abby you’re watching a solo that video 101 that you’re just going to know what so that is before you watch this okay you’re. Probably you may need it something that you know you can jump in, but don’t learn some of this stuff. You know see how your conversions are and stuff before you start jumping at a thousand-dollar email or you know you just you just saw and that’s what that’s. What this was, this was sent to remind me of mistakes before I get off on this video, and hopefully you can see what I’m doing here.

Okay, you just speak, hey guys, sorry! This is a what happens when you get old, they get a little absent-minded, but I wrote that I’m going to interject this, as you just saw in the video you watch and then we’ll jump back I’ll make this quick. But I wrote this star to remind myself about things to avoid. I didn’t want to. I rewatch the video – and i didn’t add this in so, but the thing I want you to avoid is just where you pick your solo provider.

This is the mistake you can make cuz. I was in the middle of talking about how I you know you can jump in and spend a thousand dollars on a solo ad. Don’T do that wondering what you’re doing on those steps that I’m talking about? Okay, you know run a 40 6800 I’ll. You know 200 hour.

One of you wanted you, but you know I did an investment, I’m just saying no jump into a thousand bucks at the at least one. During some of the steps – and by that I mean I made all these mistake, this is one of the benefits of joining something thats made. All these mistakes is one of the things I had the first solo that I ever ran. I went to Google ok and i typed in solo ad. Don’T do that?

Ok, i bought this ungodly inclined bucks. I still have a copy of the receipt. I think was a million clicks, five bucks and I’m taking holy moly million clicks. You know, but the thing is: there’s people out there that will pray on you, okay, like in any other. You know there are.

There are some legitimate fears to being worried about network marketing, because there are people that they know what you’re looking for, and they know how to get like. They know how to get on google first page for some of you, newbies that are looking for something to do. Okay, what I mean by that is: don’t take the first, don’t type, don’t type solo ad into Google and take that okay – and I did – I took the first one and it was a million click 65. It was at a grant Allen, Boothe 65 bucks, but it was a waste of time. My point is: there’s different kinds of leads.

Okay, that’s why you want to investigate your provider. That’S why there’s going to be a link under this for some solid providers, but just quick? You can go to solo ad solo ad directory oops direct Tory com. I’M sorry, my penmanship is horrible. I’M 43!

It’S bad soul and directory is one. That’S just a big inning one, that’s like said, there’s a link to a lot more, but that’s betting. It’S got like 25. Last time I checked has been a while. You can go to warrior forum, warrior wa RR io.

Our warrior forum write letters spell at the right it calm now that one I find that what a little confusing, especially first guy, started you, but my point is just investigated a little bit. Okay, that’s that’s all! I want to keep this section short cuz, I’m gon na jump back into the rest of the video, but just don’t just be a little cautious of where you get your solo ad provider. Okay, like like, if they’re offering a million clicks for 65 bucks, it’s probably a ripoff. Okay, that’s you know.

That’S I’ve made a lot of mistakes to pour that can help you avoid them. So I want to jump back into the video, let’s just jump from for so glad to solo that and when you find somebody that works. If you got clean conversions thing that shoots up to forty five percent, you say: hey can I you know, do us to a constant add what yeah – and this is what this this is another income stream for these guys. It will do it if they feel, like they’re, burned out on your opportunity, move to the next guy or ask them if they can send it to you in two months from now or whatever. Some people are not going to want to send to your list or senator or not going to market your opportunity.

You know that’s just what I move on to the next person. Doesn’T matter, there’s no shortage of people out there. That will do this. I mean a good key is to find you know, you know if you’re involved with me, there’s so many other resources I can give you we’ve got. People are steady, leaves or a marketing.

Just for you know the my opportunity and you know we feed those in. I can give you an extensive list. There will be some sort of link. Probably what I’m going to do is have a link below this video. If you’re, already on my blog, wherever you came on this or off to the side somewhere near this video, there will be a link to a list of solo providers just to get you started just a just get you start because, once you know this information, especially When i’m told you that some of them, you don’t even have to write the ad copy, okay, you’ve already got a link if you’re in any kind of business at all, you’ve already got some sort of link.

Now I could, you know we could argue whether that converts very well. You know, that’s gon na have to be a separate thing. This is what is so idea. I can help you with lead capture pages that convert better. You know no matter what your market, but we can get you better.

You pretty much get you better to lead capture pages and whatever your business is like a pretty much say that unless you’re involve me, these guys are or a lot better at that it writing ease but yard. But you should have an idea, you or your. If you came this you’re trying to market your business – and you were given this lump of – you know stuff, you know a couple of pages, hopefully a few – the capture pages, some videos – you know something some sort of sign up page where I has your name on It or something you’ve got to hit people to that right. Now again, we can argue whether that converts very well, but you you want to expand your business. People got to see your offer okay now this is, how did they see your offer?

This is this. Is one way this is a kick-ass way to do it, so you jumped you junkie, junkie, jumped you know. I heard this probably not even easy to read, but hopefully you’ve got the idea of what i’m talking about by the end of this strategy. You know, but let me look at this, but you know you keep doing this by the end of this strategy after a couple of weeks, if you really do this within a couple weeks, all sudden you are this guy, you know a sudden. You are this guy with 10,000 leads you a lot of these people, that’s exactly how they did.

Okay, there’s a lot of symbiosis to this. This business and don’t be afraid to somebody else – is marketing, something else that they won’t talk to you. You know i’m trying. I don’t think i’ve mentioned. Oh yeah, I’ve done a good job now you mentioned what I do at all, so I’m willing to show you this, because this is just a way to start your business.

I mean this is a kick-ass way to start your business. Okay. Fortunes are made with this. It’S just about repetition, conversions. You know granted there’s some technical stuff when you start writing your own emails, but you don’t have to do that at first and I’ve got.

You know plenty of tutorials to show you what to put the body of that to get that to convert, but the point is to get them to click, something in the body that email and then have them go one. You already got the lead, and I think I started repeat myself, so what I didn’t want to leave you with okay, one thing here is, i want you to consider is what, if 25 bucks, i could teach all this stuff and more okay and you can get One hundred percent commissions just showed people this stuff. Now this is the I’ll hits a little bit that I go into the blog, because, whatever your marketing, you want to be, I’m gon na tell you why you want to have a blog okay. This is one of the things you’re going to find out what, if 25, what if 25.com, you probably see a crack at the end of this video.

Just what, if 25 bucks, I can teach you this in a lot more. Okay! That’S that’s all I want to do I’m going into the blog other than the fact that what people are searching for whatever it is. You are looking for. Okay, so, let’s just say you’re in one of the vitamin companies it doesn’t matter what your marketing it doesn’t matter, yeah me or you have to be in marketing.

So much I mean you could be an insurance agent or a real estate agent watching this video and we do have some low. I providers that, due to non network marketing businesses, to I mean we, you can do a solo ad to a real estate opportunities and prospects, okay and insurance there’s. You can use this for a lot of different businesses, but the, but the blog is what I want to leave you forward. The blog is that’s how, when people look for you, you are the one they find. Okay, so you’re doing a vitamin company, the XYZ vitamin company review formatted correctly, you are going to be they’re going to find you.

I would get too much farther into that, but that guy’s that’s the yellow going to vlog and you always want a pic a strategy. This is a great strategy: okay, that’s a beginning idea, there’s a list or a link or something to give you solo ad providers. With this information and a list of providers to contact a couple of bucks, I mean you can have fifty hundred two hundred leads within 48 hours from now from right. Now, okay, so click the link go to one. If 25.

om, you know take a 30 day or 60-day tutorial with me, you know this is one thing. I think a lot of people make mistakes in a lot of. Of course, everybody that joins any business is not going to stay in there forever. It just doesn’t happen that way and I think a lot of people get worried about. Oh my god, if i joined this, if i start this in 25, bucks guys 25 bucks to learn stuff like this $ 25, you do it for 60 days.

You’Re. Probably, if you do anything you’re going to make some money, but even if you don’t, you spent 50 bucks and you learned a lot. You learned 20 times more than this okay, not to mention the specifics of just a strategy which is a million-dollar strategy: easily. Okay, i’ll teach you 20 other strategies, not to mention the bargain, so that’s it. Okay, dan called her happy marketing solo ad run with it.

What a few of them? Okay to do it! Your list will go blow up boom. It’S that simple! Please!


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