What Are Solo Ads – Udimi Solo Ads Explained

What the heck are solo ads! Well, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you might be approached by a solo ad seller via online, so here’s the seller. They all look like that and then over here they have their email. Marketing list. Isn’T my handwriting just great alright, but here’s what you’re? Here’S? What your pay solo ads are paid traffic and here’s what you’re paying for when you, when you purchase solo ads from a seller you’re paying for clicks. That’S what you’re paying for! If you think that you are paying them to get you sales not going to happen. Even if the seller says, I have the best list out there, high quality traffic that may be that they have good quality traffic, but it’s just not going to convert.

If you send this list to a landing page to a sales page, you cannot expect to just get a bunch of money that you are dreaming of from this setup, using solo ads you’re going to lose your money, and I made the mistake twice. I said you know what it didn’t work the first time. Surely you to work the second time and it didn’t work the second time and I was like you know what forget solo ads. However, if you’re thinking Scott, I need traffic. I really do I don’t mind. Buying traffic, then here is how you can get solo ad traffic to work all right. First, things first go to this website where you can find a basically a marketplace of solo ad sellers. So you go to this website right here either you Dimmie or you DV. I don’t think anyone really knows how to say it correctly, but there are solo ad sellers on there and they are rated. They are reviewed, you can communicate directly with them and it’s a pretty user friendly website. If you want to go to that website, the link is down below in the About section. So here’s what happens when you buy solo ads, remember: you’re, buying clicks, you’re, not buying sales, because that’s not the solo ad sellers job that their job is just to get. You, the traffic, don’t forget that don’t lose that perspective, so here’s what you need to do. You can tell them what to email their list. You can communicate that to them. That is an option, but when it comes to a sales funnel, they will go to a landing page to a thank-you page, not straight to a sales page and over here sales page.

So you might be thinking well what what the heck! How is that different? This page right here this is where it is all right, the landing page, you might say free course, on showing you how to get fit in 60 days with the healthy diet and healthy, hard efficient exercise. But this page right here this is where you have a lead magnet. You have your course that’s right. Of course, you need to provide value. People that are on that list need to warm up to you. They need to see what you are really offering make them feel like you are the answer they’ve been looking for and you are the solution, that’s how you get solo ad traffic ticket okay. So you do a course right here, alright or an e-book, but video is in reading it’s not as good as what it used to be because of shorter attention span. So I would highly recommend a course. Okay. So anyway, you teach people of course, then after the course and make the offer all right now, if you’re thinking it’ll have a course all right, then here’s your here’s, your other option. You must have a killer email campaign all right because from their lives from the landing page that you sent out that lists a blonde solo. They now are under your email list and here’s what you have to do with your emails once again apologize for the handwriting, but the first email is a pitch back to the product. The second email, just a reminder, you know hey and then back to the product. The third email you have to offer something of value: okay, so pitch pitch value. You have to offer something. So so, let’s stick with health and fitness you’re, offering you’re. Promoting this free course we’re not free course, but paid course where, if someone buys a health and fitness course, you get paid a commission from it well you’ve offered. If you, if you don’t want to offer a free course right here, got a have got to have this value. Give them particulars about the course give them good information about health and fitness all right.

The next value again give more information that can answer. You know be the solution to the problem or be the answer to the question. Okay, then, you can pitch again all right if you don’t offer value to that list that you received or that traffic you received from solo ads. If you don’t respond for any value, it’s just not going to happen. Don’T fall into the trick of buying solo ads and thinking you’re gonna hit the jackpot. It’S just not gonna work unless you have these things set up in place. So I hope you liked this video. If you have any questions at all comment below I’ll be glad to respond and answer any questions you may have. Please also subscribe to my channel that way. When a new video comes out, I can be able to help you also, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, select the link below, and I look forward to talking to you again in another video

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