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Hi guys, now I’m going to talk about traffic generation and advertise your business. I’m going to talk about how you are will possibly be able to deliver sales tomorrow use this particular traffic because it is of high quality traffic guys. You will be able to target buyers, be able to target people who are ready to watch your opportunity. You can sort between you what is relevant depending on your offer, whether you are in crypto space, or you are losing weight, or you are in the network marketing, or whatever, or affiliate style marketing, you will be able to specifically target and determine work specifically with specific vendors.

And they are everyone is highly regarded, you know, and Udimi. This platform has you know, all the filters in place to make sure you are high quality traffic and they are rated. Some sellers have many, very good rating and you will be able to buy it traffic and I could buy some traffic from this specific seller Kevin here. And I could get three sales of this traffic and I did not even spend a penny on this traffic. I did not spend any money on this traffic, and I will explain why this actual traffic was free for me. And you know, here’s how you do it. Okay, so first of all, Udimi is the platform, get on the link below.

And I’ll give you a gift of $ 5 if way to say thank you for joining my link. So join in from the link below. climb on the platform that trusts me, guys, this platform has sellers here and has quality traffic Services that you may be able to provide for you sell in whatever businesses you work for. Well, I personally worked with Kevin, this was my previous order. I am glad I did. It was a very, very good experience. I could to get three sales. And I’ll show you why. What did i do could get 23 entries, ok, and choose from the 23 ins, I could get sales. This is a great way to treat spores all in one place, all in one platform, you get the traffic you can choose the traffic, choose who to work with.

You can you can set it all up and you know automatically so that it detects everything. And you can see how many entries you get. And you will be able to do it can know how many sales you are getting, depending on what you know, depending on your funnel, but I’m going to show you how I got could detect it all. Okay, first, so here it is Kevin Okay, I basically bought what it was 100 and 125 visitors to my link, I eventually became more than that.

I I believe I got about 145 hits on my site. So he was over delivered and delivered and I could generate leads and I could also generate sales, I got three sales. Okay, I went through the whole process very, very easily and I could see the opt-ins that I actually got it are the opt-ins that appeared in my mailing list. How can we to track it all down? The system has everything built in that you can place special codes on your different pages stairs of your funnel so you can locate everything. So I could to track everything throughout.

So, you know, usually you have to pay extra for this type of service able to detect everything. You know, if you were to go through go with services like click magic, you have to be about 20 plus dollars a month to use click magic, but with this with Udimi you can, it’s all built in. Well. So um, so, as you can see, well, let me go back first. I’m going to the Information type. Okay, this is the link I used. It was the only link I have never handed out this particular special version of my funnel, this URL is exclusive to this particular seller.

Okay, I did it on purpose because I wanted to see exactly I wanted to track everything down. So all that as a result, the A-link absolutely comes from the front this particular traffic. Okay. So what I was able to do is although I was able to choose how much ins I actually credited on so that it comes through Aweber. Okay, because I use AWeber too. So if i go my email application here, and I’m just looking for it fast URL, this is the last part of the page. As you can see the last part is here, this is the page that I used it, and I just copied it and put it in the email application. As you can see, I have these opt-ins is the opt-ins that came in, this is what AWeber tells me, I’m going to the page and I see my email.

As you can see, the HTTP referrer come in and this is the page they could track. So it all came in, these are the options and then you The next thing I wanted to make sure was that I got any sales? Well, I noticed that I did get sales. But I was not sure at the moment if it was really from this specific traffic because I have so much different traffic sources coming to my site. But during the traffic that was there generated, I could see the sales coming in. Approximately what I did then is like this, these two customers came in power line system. Okay. So what I did was that I just copied the copy email address, id only I just copy the ID because sometimes I can not see if the exactly is not exactly the same email address comes in or it is not marked the same way but just wanted to get the unique ID from Gmail email address there, let the person turn on and search again.

And I can see that this email address was used twice. Okay. So it’s the same get response select And it was the customer who came in, it’s the same person, okay, the exact same email address came in, the same person and they entered the power line system as a customer. Okay. Therefore the next thing i wanted to see is just wanted to go back to the next customer who arrived on the same day. And then I looking for this particular person. I collect that ID and I search. And again it comes in the of auto-feedback on the answer and you see the referrer here, same URL, same HTTP referrer from the URL I is used for this specific solo ad seller. It was the only time I ever used this URL. So this definitely comes from that traffic. Okay, so if I go back, and I know I had another customer coming in another minute. Okay, so sorry, I had to scroll down again, it’s getting pretty confusing, but I just wanted you to see.

Okay, these are the two customers who came in, and I remember to get another one sell. Here is the golden member coming in. Okay, I got a gold member, which is basically on the same level. Although it is actually a subsidiary of the power lead system to which they are actually going this person pay $ 50 54 per month. So I’m just going to copy username for that Gmail email address. I go to the search box and see how they got inside. Okay, and now I can see that Yes, there is the HTTP reference URL there. So yes, this person came in too.

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So yes, I have the three sales came. And that’s good. And then because it’s the power line system, guys, they’re going to pay me constantly. And I’m going to earn $ 20 a month each of them. Okay? So this is what 60 $ 60 means, right there just from this one order I did not even pay for the solo ad order. I earn more than my monthly cost of power delivery system. Okay, I cover my expenses, I’m a profit. So it is how do you know newbies can really start, you know, you are you have to make initial investments and you go invest in your business. But, you know, my advice is also to Udimi instead go to affiliates here. Good in Udimi. After joining, go to affiliates. Mark make sure you understand how it works with the program, copy your associated URL and start your team after using Udimi.

Make it kind of, you know, share this video if you want to let people know that there are some fantastic are sellers, some ads, great ad quality traffic you can get you can get from Udimi let your team know, catch up with them through your link. And then as soon as you buy people traffic that keeps going, you are going to generate pulls out traffic commissions every time they buy traffic for life. Okay, persistent, okay, every time they buy traffic you get commission and the commission is going to be there in your back office. Me, I never have to withdraw.

The more I earn the commission from this platform, the more I go use it together to acquire new, more traffic. So I did not I use this platform just like me must and I come from the And I’m going to recommend it if a great opportunity for people because it can cover you costs, you can get your team on board, you can be part of it your system, you may know, you will hopefully be if u, if you really work with this, you are already working with the good suppliers, you can go looking for quality sellers. go on YouTube and watch people’s YouTube channels.

People who review the sales of solo ads from Udimi, work especially with people in your space in your niche know if you can go to YouTube and read some reviews of it Udimi and who is their recommended presenter of solo ads in their specific niche if they lose weight as they are in cryptocurrency, and learn more about good providers, I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this person, for example, I’m also going to use this person because he has has an incredibly good rating.

And you know, he, he could make a lot of sales for people. If you are going to watch some of these people their profile, you can see Look at the reviews so if you can see so this person got sales an auction what you’re really looking for is looking for generate clues on your mailing list and make sure you funnel has a good quality autoresponder. Okay, until make sure you send good quality messages your auto-feedback The amazing thing about the power leader system are many funnels that are done for you and which include automatic follow-up messages that go out on your behalf automatically and it is very easy to get the whole funnel system in your power line system using a simple share code. Therefore three sales this person has three sales but the product was $ 997 product, so three sales is good an auction person has sales end of the day guys, this is a very important game because what you learn is not to do lose money, but I teach you to set up your funnel correctly.

Not because I’re trying to make your sales every time for it will never happen. It is definitely not is going to happen. You are not going to get sales every time but sometimes you get sales. Okay, got another auction. There. There are two sales there 10 sales good, 10 sales, so you might all get sales right, I’m just looking at a specific seller some good reviews on audience. There are so many other sellers that I that I have also heard good reviews from others people from YouTubers who said they were good. You too want to see if you find sellers, okay people. You also want to see if you know, different criteria how much are you willing to spend on your solo ads per lead or per check per hit on your website, whether it has been sold.

You know, these people here could generate this person 54 people out of the people who rated their service stated that they had sold 650 percent. In other words, half of the people who judged this person said they sold. Well. This is a good indication that you know, you have good potential. You also look at the nis, okay? any niche or marketing financing, health, mobile, social crypto, many people in our space or in crypto, you may want to look for solo advertising providers that is willing to market your business within the crypto-niche for example or whatever. I personally have this funnel created myself and there is a share code you can use to help you promote your power pilot business.

I’m not saying you I will not give a guarantee if I sell promises. But it can happen. But the most important thing is to get your funnel set up properly. Maybe you need to make sure you work consider following with your cables when the clues come through increase it on a personal level as well as knowing that the autoresponder will automatically kick in and do so. However, nothing can be compared to a personal follow-up message. I’m not saying you should do it. I say it the more you do, the more you bend over backwards to help and support your new people, the more success you will have it, okay? So work well with it, work with it as part If you put it in part as part of your funnel, go to the branch program and copy your link to make sure people get it come under you in Udimi.

So you start buying traffic, let it all work for you. So it’s not just you hopefully can deliver sales, are you going be able to build your business that you are going to be able to build lead, and everything will burn back and start growing your business, but also give you commission so you can sit the money you need to buy more traffic scale it up. Okay, there are some people who just started go for the cheapest options like paying $ 50 for a solo ad seller, achieved good results, gradually built up sales, built that up, some commissions put the money back into scaled-down things and some people built themselves up to buy traffic and traffic advertising and spending, you know, $ 500 $ 1000 you know, a time you know, so gradually This is how you are going to build your business. You do not have to use Facebook or YouTube if you do not just want to focus on a platform that it works and it’s good.

It absolutely works. Well, these are great ads that you are going to get here. Look looking forward to working on my link below and start with Udimi Okay, thanks, guys. Thank you for watching. Goodbye for now..

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