How to make money with Solo Ads and Affiliate Marketing

I will show you best practices how you can start making money with solar energy in 2019, and I also will show you some of the Let’s say, most often, mistakes which I see when people order traffic from me. Let us start If you also like this video. Please give me some comments, share with me, your ideas and vision and also subscribe to my channel, but Let’s start okay. So, first of all, Let’s go to this diagram, for example, and how to make money. We saw that this is what people usually do: okay, when they buy so, Let’s traffic from a SOLO AD Vendor like me or any other SOLO AD VENDOR. Just of all, they need to have an offer. Okay, they need to have an offer. Next, they need to have our funnel sales funnel okay, you really have a sales funnel and they need traffic okay. So this is actually the regular the regular way how people think – and this is Let’s see correct way. I will show you this way: okay, best way for offers the best way for funnels the string of funnels and the best way for total traffic to buy traffic okay. Well, I will try to keep this video, not very long. So, Let’s start okay, it’s the best way for offers. First of all, the rap is a beauty. You can have it’s a free trial, free trial. This is the best probably way like free trial or $ 1 trial $ 1 trial. Okay, one to $ 7. Try. Why I can see there’s this one to seven dollar trial offer opportunity is the best for you is. This is actually how you can separate those people who don’t want to invest money and simply want some free freebies from real buyers who would like to Let’s say, spend some money who understand that they need spent to spend money to learn. Let’s say to get in to get in business, okay, to get business working for them. Okay! Next, you may also have the best way, probably okay, pretty funnel for your own opportunity. Okay, so let me show you what I mean, for example, if I have Let’s say my own business opportunity like, for example, profit funnel, okay, which I created to promote my brand and to promote my traffic. 

So the best way for me will be to promote my profit file. First, okay, and only after that, when I have those people new subscribers into my list, I can promote also other stuff. The main idea is here that if you have your own product, if you have your own funnel okay, then this is the best way how you can start collecting your list, because your name goal should be not have sales when you use so ads. Your main goal should be to get new quality subscribers to your list. You are building your list as soon as you get, Let’s say, real people real buyers into your list. It’S actually the measure of time doesn’t matter how much your lead cost. If this lead can cost you 50 cents or can cost you, 5 bucks doesn’t matter if this is the real person. If this is the real guy, since you are sending your emails at least once per day, offering them different business opportunities, you will make your money back very fast, okay. Next, Let’s go to funnels okay, so I will show you best way how I see it. Okay, so Let’s say this will be a regular way and this will be best way. Okay, so the regular way which people do they have opt-in, page opt-in, page, promoting different offer so visa okay. Next they have off bezel business opportunity, okay, sales page. So this is actually regular way and, like 90 percent of all people, do this send these traffic, which they buy from solid vendors to these regular funnels with opt-in page for bees up in the N sales page and guys. This is how you actually lose money. So the best ways is: if you Let’s say you, don’t have your own funnel, but you have business opportunity, okay, business opportunity. You need to create pre funnel what this is. What I call a funnel pre funnel is like, when you Let’s say, have a bridge page, which page to show your vision of the next offer. Okay, you need to show your face. I know I know it likes like you think like. Oh, I don’t want to do this insert but guys if you’re, not building your brand you’re, simply losing your money welcome back later to a brand building, but this is what it should be. Actually, okay, doesn’t matter what you do. If you are spending money on traffic, you need to first of all promote your personal brand and okay. I can promote, Let’s say, like any other high ticket offer program. Definitely – and I do it, but anyway, as a bridge page first of first page, which they will see, this can be lets, say usual, optin page after that there will be bridge page with my face with my words and so on, and only after that I will Redirect them to, Let’s say a funnel to a funnel, which promotes this high to get over or any other kind of offer. Okay, so consider what you’re doing right now again, if you order traffic next time, come back to me, Jeana box Allah! Yes, this is my actually addressed. You know that console its and we will discuss your funnel. Give me access to your opt-in page, and I will show you what you need to change and Let’s go to traffic, okay, okay, the regular way, a regular regular way – and this way okay regular way – is find cheap traffic or free traffic. Okay – and this is this – gives you okay, there’s an expression garbage in garbage out? Okay. So if you have garbage traffic on in, you will not have sales a case and makes no sense to buy, doesn’t matter so this 30 cents you pay for leader, 25 or 40. Probably you will not get good traffic with this kind of price. Best way is to find find a real traffic which will cost you start from. 

Let’s say I don’t know, probably like 17 cents, 72 again guys. You should not consider this hand, at least for one day only twenty bucks or four, Let’s say: 100 bucks. Okay! Oh, I can buy cheaper traffic, I can buy 200 clicks, but you will buy a garbage clicks and hasn’t met a two hundred or two thousand or two thousand hundreds. It’S not real traffic. It’S people from the dead lists. Okay, so just just inform you that to create a fresh list, I will need to spend fifty sixty cents per click buying traffic from Google YouTube and so on. So this is why your traffic should not shouldn’t. You should not actually consider this, like, I mean great, expand big expenses for you to spend 100 bucks or 100 clicks if these are real people hundred clicks and they are fresh and you’re sending them into, Let’s say recurrent, buys and by the way best way. This business business opportunity recurring passive income so, for example, if you’re promoting like finals, which are promoting click, funnels click, funnels click, magic, get response, and so on I mean recurrent recurrent passive in recurrent passive income as income streams. Okay, so, for example, okay, you got 30 real people, okay, which would quote you. Let’s say hundred bucks, you paid hundred bucks and Let’s see if even three of them will become your clickfunnels referrals. Each of them will pay you. Each of them will pay. You 38 bucks four months for the live for life, so you have one month to keep to get your money back this hundred bucks at then they paying you this hundred bucks per month for life as soon as they stay with clickfunnels, and this is actually the Main idea, which I would like you to tell in this video guys, you should not look for cheap solo ad traffic. You should not look you should you should look for great great people, great solo adventures, people who you can talk to you, who can check your funnel? Who can show you what’s wrong with your funnel and what’s wrong with your business model? Okay and the shortcut to success like like a like a show in previous videos, is building your brand first of all, which starts from building your Facebook profile, business, page Facebook group and so on. Creative, creating multiple passive income streams, which means that you are going to promote funnels, which are giving you multiple passive income streams like this one or like this one. Okay. Next, you should build your list and you should be built both okay, you can use free traffic. You can use solo ads, but you should build both your list for email, marketing, email list and also Chatwood marketing list. Okay, and only after that, you’ll get all the tools you need in great email and great chatbot list to make money every single day or at least every single week, because as soon as you got this list, you simply send them different offers, and they know you And trust you, okay, so this is how you do it. This is how you can start making money using solo ads in 2019 or any other year. I hope this was useful guys. Please give me some comments likes if you like this video subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to switch on this notification bell to get Santa fication as soon as I will bring you new video see you later 

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