How to Find the Best Solo Ad

Solo ads are an effective way of driving targeted traffic for your offers quickly and cost effectively, providing high-quality leads within minutes of purchase. But before purchasing solo ads there are a few considerations you need to bear in mind.

Udimi is a managed solo ad marketplace connecting buyers and sellers, featuring many quality traffic vendors at competitive rates. Their search function lets you filter by clicks, opt-ins, niches and more while viewing each vendor’s profile which includes peer reviews from previous customers and ratings of each vendor’s service quality.

When selecting a seller, pay particular attention to clicks and opt-in rates in order to maximize value for your money. Also important is whether or not the seller is verified so as to ensure you’re working with an honest business.

Subtle subject lines that attract attention will ensure your ads don’t look spammy and get deleted or filtered out by email clients and programs, instead opt for creating engaging subject lines which make readers curious to know more.

To increase the chances of click-throughs from email campaigns, make sure they include a clear call to action in each message – something as simple as “Click Here for More” or “Download Now” can go a long way toward increasing click-through rates. Also include links back to your website so your audience can quickly locate all the information they require.

Finally, it is advisable to monitor conversion rates on pages where your Solo ads are directed. This will give an accurate representation of how well your campaign is doing and the maximum spend allowed before breaking even or starting to incur losses.

Ad retargeting can help ensure your audience doesn’t forget about your offer, by placing a retargeting pixel on the page where your Solo ad was sent out and later using this to track back and retarget these people as they browse the internet – thus increasing the odds that they click again on your Solo ad and eventually becoming customers – increasing sales exponentially and improving ROI! For more information on this subject read our article and watch our video explaining this technique to enhance results.

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