How to Find High Quality Solo Ads

high quality solo ads

Solo ads are one of the best tools in online marketing to drive targeted traffic directly to your site and products, yet not all solo ad providers are created equal – it is vitally important that you research potential providers prior to investing any of your money with them, otherwise your time and money may go wasted on poor-quality traffic that doesn’t convert into customers.

Solo advertising is a form of email based marketing in which an email is distributed to subscribers who have signed up to receive promotional emails from you. A reliable solo ad seller will only send your message out to an audience more likely to be interested in what it’s selling; making this method an effective way of driving sales and increasing conversion rate.

To locate high-quality Solo Ads, start by researching the top sellers in your niche on Facebook Groups or Warrior Forum. Many of these vendors have testimonials and an established track record for providing quality traffic; additionally they may have packages designed to fit within any budget constraints. Some vendors specialize in niches like business opportunities, multi-level marketing or financial services while others focus on health and wellness, personal growth or cryptocurrency/Bitcoin advertising.

Searching out people in your niche with large mailing lists and asking if you can purchase ads from them. Facebook groups dedicated to Solo Ads offer another avenue of discovery; here, you can connect with other solo advertisers while learning more about types of traffic they sell, their costs and opt-in rates.

Udimi marketplace can also help you find a solo ad seller who matches your criteria. Search by tier 1, country and buyer rating to narrow down the best sellers; for instance, selecting one who guarantees 96%+ top-tier traffic from US, UK, CA and Australia while adding 300 to 1000 new subscribers per day would likely meet these needs.

Before making a larger investment, it’s a good idea to try smaller traffic or lead packages from a vendor, to assess their quality. This will enable you to assess their services over time, such as handling hard bounces. Furthermore, be sure to inquire as to their process for creating traffic as well as how long they have been operating as this can save time in the future.

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