Best Solo Ad Providers – Don’t get ripped off by creepy solo ad vendors!

In this video we’re gonna go over some of the best silhouette providers better, be able to get you some traffic to your business. Now what we’re looking at here! This is IMAX just on Facebook here this is one of a ton of solo ad groups and again so. What I saw, though I this is, basically you have a business and you need traffic to your business, so you are actually renting somebody that has a humongous email list of thousands and tens of you know. Thousands of subscribers and they’re, actually gonna, send out an email with Europe included that includes your link to their list. No annual will get clicks from that. That’S basically a solo that is anyway, there’s a ton of groups. I just went into one here. For example, you can scroll through these and they have listed here. You know the sellers, the kind of clicks. That was, how many ordered what they I may. They receive the opt-in rate and basically just give you an idea of you know. What’s working and What’s not for people as far as for you to try, but there’s just so many people here you can just if you just go to to the search here and on Facebook, go up to the search bar bar and type in solo ad. You can see It’s just so many different will pop up and here’s another one here. I guess It’s. They laid out the same way and just you know just to be put their name and who the ball from and yeah I mean It’s is. Can you literally go just by you know if someone has good results here, you know to say everything is completely one ever sent legit with what these opposed to reviews are. You know you’d be kind of foolish to think that I’m you know, I’m sure you know some of this has got to be padded, but you know that’s just me saying I don’t sell my solo ads, so you know I’m not gonna put it down. I have, I will say that I have purchased I’m. So that’s from sites here on Facebook, and you know It’s either hit or miss mean he’s got a try test and you know you, you gotta, have a good product and a good email follow-up. In order to get, you know, get sales, so It’s not list there. Necessarily you got bad traffic from people. You know from a bit from a bad seller. You know It’s just gonna depend on what you’re offering them and then, of course tracking is the big thing. So you know exactly what kind of track traffic you’re getting if It’s good quality, if It’s snow, like us traffic, that sort of thing you gotta, be tracking that and that’s where the whole lot starts that so let’s go into. What I have here are what I think are the best, so lab rabat is here that I’m using okay, this the first one here is a MLM traffic Center. This is run by a friend of mine that I actually bought a lot of traffic. Remember the course of the last year and his name is Bill. Mcrea areas right here. This is X, run by him and his business partner, Diego Cohen, and they have a lot of years experience and I never marketing and product launches and traffic, and that sort of thing said they got a lot of a lot of years, and I have made a Lot of money doing it, okay, so basically this says he ie: they provide 95 % Tier one traffic here, one meaning USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and that I say, Canada, New Zealand. 

I forget anyway, It’s It’s like the top five and let’s say your english-speaking countries with the most buying power. Basically, and that’s what you want to get. You want your tier one to be at least 85 or above, but you know his not if I’m most ones that I’ve gotten closer to a hundred and ninety five in his traffic. So It’s definitely good quality traffic and It’s all business opportunity, traffic. Everything I’m gonna be reviewing here. Is business opportunity, traffic, okay, coming down here to the prices here, here’s the prices of more clicks that you buy and the more or the cheaper is going to be for you, for example, 100 clicks sixty three dollars. A thousand click is 540, so that’s like fifty four cents, a click here versus sixty-three. This is like on the average what you would pay from a solo ad provider that you find the ones in the Facebook It’s about what the what they’ll charge. You know anywhere from you know, forty five, forty to forty to seventy cents. A click on average just depends on the reputation of the seller and the kind of traffic that they provide, I’m actually on a monthly per renewal program with just MLM traffic center. Here right get my clicks and what I get my good 909 under package, not in a click package a month that I get. I just you know renew each month and all the traffic school, It’s definitely good quality. It’s mostly, I can say It’s mostly USA, but It’s at least 95 percent of that. So definitely want to check that out. The next one here I’m gonna go over is udemy traffic. Okay, It’s ice-cold you to me. You did me or you to me something like that. I mean use these guys for quite a while when I purchased, you know quite a few, so that’s when these, as you can see, I spent over thirty three hundred dollars. Just on you know myself just to buy all my businesses here, but what it is is there’s a lot of people when you come into this site here again. This is the kinetic free account here. Just come, an errand kick create your free account. I will include links below the video if everything you want to talk about on here. So you’ll need to worry about that, but um yeah, you can get a free account with them. They do offer it. You didn’t you to be prime, which is uh. They upgrade to frame right here. I’M I don’t do that myself, you can. You know just read about it. You get specials, I guess if you get special discounts but um. Something to check out if you want to, but you don’t have to you – can get a free account, get started right away for free, not a problem. So you’ll click on find sellers and, as you can see there, he is my page – have no load there. A ton of sellers. Actually, here’s Bill McRea here from the last charm center that I showed you. He also permits his traffic on here as well. Here, It’s 43 cents he’s he’s running to listen a little bit lower than what you normally charge us so he’s rubbing this best row right now, but you can set the filter filters to set like. However, you want your traffic when you want it, whether It’s like 24 hours, all the way to like two weeks, yeah two weeks select how many visitors you want and without price range. You want that sort of thing. You just go across and set your settings and you know just there’s so many you’re gonna pop up here. You have so many choices. Now I purchased quite a lot of traffic through here there’s a lot of different sellers. So I know What’s good and What’s bad, then you didn’t get a really good job of filtering out the traffic. So you know that can catch. You know bot, traffic and stuff, like that. Obviously, it can’t be 100 % perfect all the time, so you got again tries menstrual or track and you got a track and you got to be able see where your traffic’s coming from. I have a great traffic art, great tracking software, that I use again. They’Ll be in the links in the description you can go check out. You can get a free 30 day trial matt. I believe It’s 30 day yeah. You can check that out. Anyway, all the links to be in description, but anyway you just choose what you know. Try them out, that’s the best thing you can that you can do if you join a creature community make out through my link. I will, and let me know that you did, and i will let you know who i’ve used in who i’ve got the best results for them, because i keep track of all that and that way you can kind of avoid any ones that aren’t as good as Some of the other ones, but did you can see there’s all different prices anywhere from you know 35 cents up to 95, so quality’s good, you know a little differs depending on price, but anyway yogi. If you get your count through me, I will you know who I approach from got the best results from each one of these does have an affiliate side to it. That’S why I say if you join three, because when you join here with a free account again, you want to be upgraded for it. You become an affiliate, and you up here where it says affiliate, just click on that and you will get 15 % Commission from whatever your anybody that joins to your link. You know whatever they purchase, you’ll get 15 % of that same thing. You ever hear with this with bills: traffic over here It’s aiming to 15 %. I’Ve already got commissions from both of them, ready, okay, so moving along here, that’s the first two and the last one I mentioned here is called traffic token. This is a fairly new site. It’s been around about a month now, but the recording time of recording this video – and this is a little bit more of a business opportunity – slash traffic program. The traffic is a little bit different as far as well.

So that’s because you’re buying tokens and way the tokens work is you’re. gonna go here, the tokens they come in four different packages. Each one is 47 dollars, as you can see here, and it runs for a 30 day period where, with the other two and most solo ads, you’ll get your traffic delivered within three to four days from when the traffic starts or actually sooner than that actually sometimes Within a day or so depends on how big the package that you buy is Bobo traffic token here this runs for its forty seven dollars for one token, and it runs for thirty days. Okay, so It’s you get you get traffic throughout a whole entire month, which is really cool, because It’s you get a steady flow and which is what you want. You always want to have fresh eyeballs seen your business every day, It’s good for one URL, which you can exchange that anytime. You want to you, can you know just you just delete one and put the new one in there, click update and then you’re good to go. Okay again here, four different packages, each token is still forty seven dollars, but they give you free ones. The more you buy, so you can see here this one here like this peace package is 17 for the price of only 527. The one I started with was the hustler, so I paid for seven for 329 and but I got three for free, so um, you know I’m basically I’m getting your equals about 300 clicks a month. So, look about 300 clicks here for free if you’re looking at that way, It’s really incredible. They do about an affiliate program with this as well here where, whenever someone joins through your link and they buy traffic, you’re gonna get eighty percent commission on the very first entire order you know of whatever they purchased. It’s unlimited, there’s! No, you know, there’s width. Doesn’T matter some of them an amount of levels at it, you mean the first level that you can sign up and get people signed up with and you’re gonna 80 % of entire order. So like when I said, I bought that uh that traffic for uh 329, my sponsor, got eighty percent of that. So that’s I’m a twenty percent. It is purely to 82-75. Somebody get just you know for me, sign up through their link and and getting that. So that’s eighty percent in your entire first level, that’s unheard of, and that is uh. This makes traffic token a great business opportunity all in itself. On top of the great traffic that you get all the traffic is, It’s us, a traffic us a business opportunity traffic, but it gets even better with this affiliate program, so you get, you will be collecting up to 50 percent residual monthly Commission off of your uh. Your affiliates, so you look at that way that first eighty percent in that first first entire order and then when they keep renewing each month, you’re gonna get thirty percent commission from them and then also you get second and third level, fifteen and five percent, so That you know the affiliate program, It’s just amazing, the more than pays for your traffic in and of itself right there, so that some of the reasons why you should choose traffic token, besides the It’s called traffic, took a multiplier. They fill the program but that It’s It’s premium Tory to traffic. Like I said It’s, USA traffic satisfaction is guaranteed and they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on it. When you order the traffic took, it runs for thirty days and it would automatically rebuild sup rebuilt up if you don’t cancel, but they give you 30 days on that to check it out. You know, if you buy the tracker, you don’t like it, you can just contact them and they will. You know no questions asked so does refund your money, so there you don’t have nothing to lose. There’S. Obviously, you know people will try to take advantage of that because they get this whole thirty days worth of traffic and then they cancel for whatever reason you know whether or not there you know, if I don’t know, if they’re doing that up, but it I can See that happening because they offer that that rock-solid guarantee, but that I mean they do you know, think what they decide. They’Re gonna cancel thinking they’re gonna you know Reese I nup again under different. You know Bri notes on it, but they’re redoing again, basically, but keep all that traffic keep doing that at each month. That doesn’t happen because they blacklist them. Basically, if they, if they do that, so you know just unfortunate trying to cheat the system, but no, it doesn’t always work out for them anyway. So uh yeah, you get a you know 30-day guarantee in it. So there’s no there’s no uh, nothing to lose there and you’ll see you that yeah, the traffic comes in steadily every day, and I get back here to my dashboard here, really quick. As you can see, I’ve got some commissions here that I’ve earned and you can see. 

I have ten tokens like I said, and I’m getting an average of 16 clicks a day per token again. So again, if you have just, I got ten tokens, but I’m not promoting ten different offers, I’m only promoting two actually right now, at one time two different offers. I have five one, two one five to another. You can do it that way. If you only have one offer you can put, you can set up all ten, you know, but the same link or you could you have ten different offers? Do it that way, whatever you want to do it doesn’t matter or if you, you know, get the smaller package of the bigger package you just choose. However, you want to set up, as you can see, I’ve six cents. A click here is what I’m paying at the moment. That’S incredible in me now this does change a little bit up and down little bit depends on. How quickly did you know the clicks come in like, for example, yesterday this was 17 yesterday, not today, It’s 16, but it was six nine gesture day as well, and then yesterday the company global average click was six cents yesterday on today, at seven, but I mean You imagine at seven six and seven cents, a click you’re, not gonna find that anything. A lesson like I think when you did me, I showed you was thirty: five cents was the cheapest and – and this is all USA traffic, you miss a business opportunity traffic. So you can’t beat it that is my best, so the providers for you, especially going in 2017 2018 he’s. You know these companies gonna be around for a while tried this traffic took, and It’s just growing because you know just the only just because It’s a good traffic, but because of the affiliate side of it as well. Now its traffic that’s coming in is, is it actually response of traffic? Let me show you some numbers here, we’ll go into my email here. Now. Have this blurred here? Obviously cuz: It’s got. Some we’ve got people’s emails on it, but this is uh what I’m promoting with traffic took in here. Just something like I say I do have five and five five million five tokens pointed to one of my business opportunities here, as you can see here today is the twenty twenty. Second, It’s just like 1:30 in the morning, so it just became 22nd December 22nd. So I got for ya. Actually three leads here today, so Ford and like an hour and a half, but anyway you can see here going down through here. Twenty verse, you know xx, you can see. This is steady flow coming in every day, 19. 18. 17. 16. 15, you know, and I just have pages and pages. Let me see I have a hundred 100 100 of 704. So that’s go um. I want to the other five that I’m promoting. I you can see it. I he’s gonna discover it as well to blur it out what you can see here on the other five that I’m promoting is going to another program called tuner clicks that I’m promoting, but anyway It’s a 97, as you can see here. If I click on this here, I get he’s be blurred out, but this this 97 over the course of four days. So, as you can see here, starting at the 18th 19th and just going down through the 19th, I got you know. This is all again from just from five of my traffic tokens here got the 20th okay and you can see here now we’re going to the next one. Here you see this is the twenty twenty hours ago. I do have my next page if it decides to load up. Okay, then continued on here without thought, for twenty hours. Here we at 19 hours, 35, more so we’ll click on this I’m glad this is blurred out for because It’s got emails listed their name and emails again, here’s 19 hours, so we’re going down through 17 hours again. This is all today now well actually is yesterday. Now, because It’s 1:30 in the morning here, but uh yeah, this is continual just continuous flow of traffic. Coming in from that, okay now does this traffic, but you can see the traffic works as far as It’s getting me laid constant leads every day, but our people are they the emails. Are they a sheet, you know or there’s a responsive email, so they’re actually opening you know your emails and that’s what that’s it? Obviously the next question one a because you can have all the leads in the world you know, but if they’re not open in your emails, what good’s it gonna do? You know you know not gonna get any money. So if It’s going to you know if It’s Fitzjohn team, if It’s you know body no or something they’re, not good, It’s you know they’re, not gonna you’re, not gonna have them opening emails. Obviously, just go into my a weber account here again, I have just had this burger. This is you know my copy here. I don’t want to put that out there for the world, but anyways you can see here from the traffic here. This is just like. I said I do have multiple lists with go on. You know the different traffic sources that I have, but you can see here like the first email, you know you’re. Definitely your first email is the one that you want to get. Is that someone who goes out immediately when someone opts in to your whatever you’re, not in your list and whatever business, that you’re up promoting your that’s? The very first email kicks out right away and that’s the one you want to have the most opens from, because you know that’s fresh in their mind. They just saw your sales page so yeah you want that one to be your. It’s gonna be your highest one and it needs to be 27. I mean I mean that’s to me, that’s kind of low. You know I’m my copywriting has gotten better, I’m still improving on it. I mean I used to get horrible open rates, and that’s only a lot of it is because It’s not It’s how you write, email and how you know you gotta, have a compelling subject, line to get the note met, email and which has got to be Related to the content that they’re gonna be looking at once they open it.

Then they’re inside reading your email, It’s gotta be a you know, good email body it. So they can. You know that get them to click on your link, which is gonna. Be in there as well, so you know you gotta, have a good writing skill on the inside to get done. They click on that link which takes them back to your sales page again. So It’s like a circle nut and then people have to see your your business. At least you know on average, just seven to ten times before they decide whether not they know like and trust you and want to buy from you or not. You know so you got to be able to get your email to their inboxes and you know my skills. You know there are getting better, but they’re, not perfect. People get a lot better. You know open rates than I am, but you know I just want to show you that the traffic is response to traffic. They are and It’s not just bought traffic and It’s real people and they’re really clicking on my link here. You know now, as you celebrate basis you can see here once we get past the first one and second one is nineteen percent. You know and then here’s where basically my average she really kicks in after the second first couple of emails: 13. 12. 14. 8. You know a lot, and so It’s pretty average here this one’s kind of really low here it could be, we know. Sometimes they they just don’t get delivered or they get delivered into Spain. Who knows what you know what you know you can’t that one email you know if It’s really low, It’s It’s probably going to spam for some reason and not hitting their inbox. We see, but as you get further on here, this email sequence here this has 16 emails and you can expect us gonna drop off dramatically once you get past that first week, especially so, you know the 16th email to get 10.2 percent. Open rate I mean: is that good, not really, but I’m kind of happy with it, because I’m still improving my skills, my writing skills, that’s something! I really didn’t do a whole lot of. You know I’ve been doing this now for about three years I haven’t. I didn’t spend a lot of time learning how to do email copy, and I should have done that earlier all because you want that’s a skill. You need to get down. You’Ve probably heard the money is the money’s in the list, and it is you know you build your email list, that’s what we’re dis traffic is doing that. I’M showing you here my you know, I’m my best so that I providers that I’m showing you here as Giz is to build your list and that’s what you want. You got. Ta have a good list. I mean you got to have a good amount of traffic. That’S constantly go on and you know that’s clicking and going and often in your page and seeing your opportunity – and you want to keep at all, obviously keep that going because, as you build your list, people are gonna start by and once they you know, they Know like and trust you and making band your list for a couple weeks to a month before they you know they by mean. I have people that join me that aroma. I have it on my list for almost a year and then, finally, it once something clicks with them and then adore me whatever you know that there have been advertised a couple of businesses, so it could be. You know whatever they’re checking out and it could be your six months to you’re down the road name, some clicks and they join me. You know that some people were a little more quicker where they’ll join after a week or two do they do I ever do. I get some that join me right away. I get a few of those, I mean it does happen. Don’T expect it to happen often, you know, because It’s just not how how people operate there by people by people, not products that makes sense they’re buying you not your your products. They have to pipe in people that you know they have to like somebody they’re buying from, but anyway, this videos get longer than I wanted a two years, so I’m gonna wrap that up. I just want to share that. Yes, the traffic gets really s it. People are getting getting into my own to my list and, yes, they are opening my emails and yes, so if you have any questions, feel free to go right below the video here up, I will include the top. Three links will be to a non traffic Center. You didn’t udemy and traffic token definitely want traffic token is, I think, the one you want to least definitely get that one. The most I mean you woke the traffic out of the three that has the the cost of the traffic is the least on traffic. Okay, as far as what you pay um, It’s definitely cheaper than the other two, which are both. You know, priced well as well, but traffic token is actually per plus with the eighty percent commission on traffic token side. You definitely want to get on this now. 

I did forget to mention that there is in order to be an affiliate. You got to pay its seventeen dollars a month and you have to have at least one active token to earn it to earn those commissions, but I mean you know. If say, you have say, I joined Trevor took you through your link and I buy you know if I go to the buy tokens page. You know, and I came in through your link and I buy say I just buy the before here. That’S one hundred forty one dollars so, if you’re taking eighty percent of one hundred and forty one dollars, that’s one hundred and twelve. Eighty in your pocket, someone buys like much. Of example, I bought the tenth egg, which is three twenty nine, and that gave my sponsor two hundred sixty three dollars, just in commissions from just me on just that. First one unlimited, you know amount of the village you can bring in join you. Someone joins you and they decide to go. Get the beast package or 527 500 527 you’re gonna get 80 % of that you’re on there. That’S just on their entire four sorta to that, so they say they buy multiples. You still gonna need. A percent of that $ 421 right in your pocket am I using and then with like an empathy of the starting with the second month, the thirty percent commission at the second and third level. The 15 and 5 definitely want to get traffic token. I want you have to do it just to order nose Commission’s. You have to to be an active affiliate being paid that you paid 17 you’re paying 17 dollars a month. You need to have at least one active took and so, for you know, the 17 dollars, plus the 47 minimal you’re gonna get to be earning eighty percent Commission’s and then the monthly residuals as well and also get beginning the traffic. The us a business opportunity. Traffic, if you don’t have a business, you can promote a CPA offers. You know It’s just It’s It’s people that want to make money ASAP! That’S the list that you’re gonna be getting the USA traffic and traffic token. So definitely go below this video here. In the top of the scription box, click on top three link create your traffic togas. If you crate account for free, It’s no charge to create account same with you to me and their you. Don’T the create a crowd! What’s this one here, there’s no county just by the traffic, so yeah go to the top three links. Get your crown account created just make sure when you’re signed up that it has my name there. It says Neil Michael Kyle as your refer or your sponsor. What does something like that make sure my name is there? If It’s somebody else other than me, that means your computer was cooking somewhere long along and he won’t be joining me, and I have a lot of bonuses and stuff. I like that. I offer my team, so if that’s the case, my name’s, not there just either go into incognito mode and do it that way or clear your cookies. If you don’t understand how to do that, no problem, just contact me and i can walk through, is really simple to do. If you know how to do it or you can even Google how to do it as well so but yeah so uh go get in touch to me. Penny questions. gonna find my I’ll put my personal email, my cell phone number, my Facebook, all the stuff will be below in the description along with a bunch of the links that I that I use in my business. I include my two main businesses that I that I use this traffic for and also some bunch of other stuff. I use my business that really helps me. Keep everything in line and Chris helps grow. My business, I don’t put all those links, feel free to check any any I’m out you want to. If you get some value this video, I really appreciate if you could give it a thumbs up, and you know, leave a comment. I really appreciate you know what you know just get your idea of what you think. You know they have any questions for me. What works for you, what doesn’t work for you, I’m! I read every comment, worries about that and I’ll bet they get back to you and also subscribe to my channel. If you haven’t done that yet as well. So, okay, any questions, please let me know – and this is my best seller providers for 2017 and beyond all right thanks for your time.



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